Chloe and the Steel Strings

November 1, 2017
Chloe and the Steel Strings
Chloe and the Steel Strings is a self-titled debut album of Chloe Wagenhauser’s solo work, and the reason why Chloe & the Steel Strings began.

Lead singer Chloe Wagenhauser had been writing songs in her bedroom for years, performing them for family and friends, though never gaining the courage to take them a step further. This changed, however, when one chilly evening she ventured into an open-mic night at a campus coffee shop, and heard the music of a mysterious and long-haired bassist named Connor Ward. She complimented his cover of The Beatles’ “Rocky Raccoon,” and assumed that she would never see him again. However, she was pleasantly surprised to find that fate would bring them together again, so many times so that their personal and musical connection was undeniable.

As Chloe and Connor grew closer, Connor encouraged Chloe to start recording. What began as a solo project turned into much more as Chloe realized that she wanted more for her songs. So she invited her identical twin, Anna Wagenhauser, to play keyboard and sing harmonies, and asked Connor to play bass.

Soon after the release of her album, music venues and listeners began asking if Chloe and her group played live shows, and thus Chloe & the Steel Strings was born.

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