Behind the Strings: Chicago Bound

July 30, 2018

Chloe and the Steel Strings is crossing state lines this week and taking their good vibes to the third largest city in the United States, Chicago. To this point, the band has stayed local, performing across northern Ohio and southern Michigan. But on August 2nd, they will be expanding their reach by performing at The Elbo Room.

Known for supporting local and emerging bands for the past 30 years, The Elbo room has been a hot-spot for music entertainment with bands from all across the country. Several of these bands have gone on to become national and international success stories. Bands such as John Butler Trio, Wild Belle, Cage The Elephant, and Amos Lee are some of the most notable groups to play Elbo Room’s stage.

It will be a show that not only features the Strings but also another emerging Chicago band: alternative rock band People Seen in Cars, which consists of members from both Chicago and St. Louis.

“This show is a milestone for us,” states Connor. “We play quite a bit in the Ohio and Michigan areas, but it has been a goal of ours to start traveling more throughout the midwest.”

The goal of traveling is currently in its infancy, since most of the band is still in college. “We’re planning on setting up a small festival tour for next summer,” says Anna, “so this show will give us a taste for what it’s like to be on the road.” This performance in Chicago is only the beginning of what’s to come, and the band is enjoying every minute of it.

“We’ve been working hard on our original music, and it’ll be a great experience to play more originals. We’re hoping that this show at Elbo Room will be one of many Chicago-area shows to come!”

Tickets are $9 presale and $10 at the door. Doors open at 8pm, music starts at 10pm (21+). More information on the Elbo room can be found here.

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Blog by Mark Moss of Freespirit Music Management.


Chloe and the Steel Strings putting together fast rise

July 12, 2018
The Toledo Blade did an awesome spotlight on July 12th to highlight our progress as a band!

“When Chloe Wagenhauser put together songs for her Spotify album, it was simply to give family and friends a recollection of her music.

But now looking back about a year later, it’s become so much more.

The album was created as the band Chloe and the Steel Strings began to take shape, and as Miss Wagenhauser sees it, having a produced album out already has helped the band quickly rise up the ranks of Toledo-area bands.

While Chloe mentions Fleetwood Mac as the band’s biggest influence, this band comprises Toledoans in their early 20s.

“Because we’re a new band, we’re looking for a lot of new growth in the up and coming couple of years,” Miss Wagenhauser said. “We’re growing the venues we play, the festivals, this has been a really busy summer for us so far. … This is what we really want to do. I have a good feeling about it. I feel like this is really what we’re meant to do.”

– The Toledo Blade

Check out the full blog article, and an exclusive acoustic performance video of our upcoming single, titled “Like Mad” here


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Behind the Strings: Waterloo Arts Festival

June 19, 2018

Chloe and the Steel Strings’ dream continues as they travel to Cleveland next week to make their first appearance at the 16th Annual Waterloo Arts Fest on Saturday, June 30th. The festival features 40 Cleveland-area bands, as well as handmade art vendors, food trucks, and interactive art experiences. Bass guitarist Connor Ward is calling it “the biggest local music festival in Cleveland,” and is excited for the band to break further into the Cleveland music scene.

Since 2002, the Waterloo Arts Festival has entertained and inspired festival attendees and participants. Located along the lakeshore just outside Cleveland, the once economically-deprived neighbourhood of Collinwood has revived and transformed into a local arts district with several art studios, galleries, shops and eateries. The festival is sponsored by Waterloo Arts, a nonprofit organization that works to stimulate the area’s economic and cultural development through art exhibits, educational opportunities, and live performances.

“We’re starting to see results,” says manager and keyboardist Anna Wagenhauser, “Chloe and the Steel Strings was selected out of 90 band submissions, and for a young band like us, it shows that people are responding well to both our recorded music and our live performances.” Lead singer Chloe Wagenhauser agrees: “playing at Waterloo is a big deal for us. Between June and October of this year, we’ll be playing some of the biggest local music festivals in Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan.”

Not only will Chloe and the Steel Strings be at Waterloo in June, they’ll also be performing at the Crosby Arts Festival in Toledo on June 24th, the Ann Arbor Arts Festival in July, and the Applebutter Festival in October.

“It’s hard to believe that we just celebrated the 1-year anniversary of our first show as ‘Chloe and the Steel Strings’ a few weeks ago, and now we’re playing summer festivals. It gives us motivation, knowing that our hard work is paying off.”

Chloe and the Steel Strings will be performing at Waterloo Arts Fest on Saturday, June 30, 2018 from 5:10 to 5:50pm on the E. 160th Stage (the corner of E. 160th and Waterloo Rd.). Enjoy live music, food and spectacular art. The event is free and open to all ages.

Click here for more information on the Waterloo Arts Festival and here for a complete list of upcoming shows by Chloe and the Steel Strings.   

Blog by Mark Moss of Freespirit Music Management.

Behind the Strings: The Marathon of May

June 8, 2018

Last month, Chloe and the Steel Strings had their busiest weekend since the band’s formation a year ago. From Thursday May 17th to Saturday May 19th, four shows and over 10 hours of music were played between Chloe, Connor, Anna, Pete and Andre. In the words of bassist and vocalist Connor Ward, the weekend was both “exciting and exhausting,” and rightfully so. Until that weekend, Chloe and the Steel Strings had never performed four shows in a 3-day period.

On Thursday May 17th at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Toledo, the band kicked off the weekend with a laid-back set on the outdoor patio. Vocalist Chloe Wagenhauser remarked on kicking off the weekend at Fuzzy’s: “Playing at Fuzzy’s is the perfect way to ease into a weekend of shows. Connor and I take turns singing on some of our songs to save my voice if we have a busy schedule.”

The night at Fuzzy’s rolled on as the acoustic duo played a mix of covers and originals to the delight of customers. It was a good warm-up for the challenge up ahead: on Saturday they would be playing two shows, one at the Fremont Fishing and Outdoor Festival, and the other at Bierstube in Toledo. However first, Chloe and the Steel Strings were off to Ye Olde Durty Bird on Friday night for their monthly show at one of Toledo’s best live music venues.

The performance at Ye Olde Durty Bird was smooth sailing as Connor picked, and Chloe once again split vocal time in preparation for Saturday’s festival in Fremont. Anna played keys, with Pete on electric guitar, and Andre keeping rhythm on the drums. A night of good vibes and delicious food made for a vibrant spring evening for customers. One regular customer in particular complimented the band on their synchronicity when playing, “I’ve seen Chloe and the Steel Strings play here for the past few months, and they really seemed dialed-in tonight”.

As Friday quickly turned into Saturday, it was time to head to Fremont for the second annual Fishing and Outdoor Festival and cross the finish line of the band’s musical marathon. Festival goers strolled by as the band continued to play and some generous fans stopped by to provide tips and applause. Keyboardist and manager, Anna Wagenhauser provide her thoughts on playing at the festival: “Though playing three hours of music can be tiring, when we’re up there, the music never seems like work. We get in our zone, and always have fun.” The fun could be seen from their smiles as they decided to set-up on a busy street corner in downtown Fremont, where they could be closer to festival-goers. Chloe remarked on her perspective on being close to the audience stating:

“Our style of music is more intimate – we like to connect with our audience on a personal level, so playing on the street corner was perfect for this show.”

After the festival, Chloe and Connor capped the weekend off by performing at Bierstube in Toledo for an hour of acoustic original music. With the support of one another and the sheer enjoyment of spreading positive vibes through music, Chloe and Connor came home that evening satisfied from a job well done. “We feel lucky to be able to share our passion for music with others,” Connor said. Chloe and the Steel Strings will be sprinting to their next music marathon soon, as they gear up for more busy weekends in mid-June.

Be sure to see Chloe and the Steel Strings’ next big festivals at the Crosby Arts Festival in Toledo on June 23rd, and Waterloo Arts Festival in Lakewood, Ohio on June 30th.

Check out their full list of shows here.

Blog by Mark Moss of Freespirit Music Management.