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Slivers of Light from Burn Bright: ‘Right as Rain’

‘Right as Rain’ is a conversation about traversing an unmarked road. Some days, walking the “road less traveled” feels natural. I relax into the joy of singing, songwriting and performing, feeling liberated and excited to be doing what I love everyday.

Other times, fear and self doubt make me question the direction I’m traveling, and I wander off the path for a while. The little part of me that craves stability starts asking questions based on my fears:

What if this entire music thing doesn’t work out?

What will I do then?

Will I ever have enough money to do the things other people do? The list continues…

Usually, these internal off-roading adventures are my best moments of self-discovery. They force me to face my fears, simply *exist*, and always end with confirmation (in one form or another) that everything will be alright. Confirmation, once again, to relax and enjoy the journey, even if I have no idea where I’m headed.

Right as Rain was birthed in the turbulent time of the early 2020 Covid shutdown. Our performances had been canceled for the foreseeable future, and we found ourselves searching for reassurance and hope. The chorus of ‘Right as Rain’ serves as a beacon of hope to inspire positivity. The verses address the uncertainty we face in everyday life, along with events out of our control: the paths we pick, the jobs we take, the civil unrest, economic instability, and political divide in our country today.

We’re often so concerned about reaching the final destinations in our lives that we forget to appreciate life’s small moments. ‘Right as Rain’ is a reminder that no matter what happens, no matter what challenges we face, everything will be alright. It’s an anthem to keep following your path, have hope, and enjoy the journey you’re on!

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