Chloe & the Steel Strings putting together fast rise

Wildwood Photo
The Toledo Blade did an awesome spotlight on July 12, 2018 to highlight our progress as a band!

“When Chloe Wagenhauser put together songs for her Spotify album, it was simply to give family and friends a recollection of her music.

But now looking back about a year later, it’s become so much more.

The album was created as the band Chloe & the Steel Strings began to take shape, and as Miss Wagenhauser sees it, having a produced album out already has helped the band quickly rise up the ranks of Toledo-area bands.

While Chloe mentions Fleetwood Mac as the band’s biggest influence, this band comprises Toledoans in their early 20s.

“Because we’re a new band, we’re looking for a lot of new growth in the up and coming couple of years,” Miss Wagenhauser said. “We’re growing the venues we play, the festivals, this has been a really busy summer for us so far. … This is what we really want to do. I have a good feeling about it. I feel like this is really what we’re meant to do.”

– The Toledo Blade

Check out the full blog article, and an exclusive acoustic performance video of our upcoming single, titled “Like Mad” here