Behind the Strings: Chasing a Dream with a New Single

Content writer Mark Moss of Free Spirit Music Management had the opportunity to sit down with Chloe for an in-depth perspective on the release of our new single Like Mad, out Monday October 1st!

FSMM: Chloe, it’s nice to see you again, tell me-what’s new with the band since we last spoke?

Chloe: Gosh where to begin…lots to say the least! We had a very busy summer performing at various festivals and shows across northern Ohio and southern Michigan, and we had our first show in Chicago at the historic Elbo Room. It’s been hard work but we’ve had tons of fun every step of the way.

FSMM: What’s the update on the tour bus?

Chloe: We have some work to do but are grateful for the donations that have poured in from friends, family, and listeners. We honestly cannot do it without any of them and they all push us to continue to spread our music to more locations around the area and beyond! To help us achieve our dream, find us on GoFundMe-we’re giving away free merchandise for donations!

FSMM: Well, I certainly hope to join you all for a ride on the bus soon! So, first off, thank you for allowing me to be one of the first to listen to the single. It truly is a great song, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on the radio. Could you tell everyone where the idea for Like Mad originated from?

Chloe: Well, to start, I actually wrote the lyrics to the song over a year ago. It was before Chloe and the Steel Strings came about. It was a cool late-October night and Conner and I were not on the same page relationship wise. I was over at his house watching Wayne’s World and he asked if I could hang out another time because friends were coming over. Internally I was really upset by this. Were we together, were we not? I didn’t know. He was so confusing! But what I did know then is that I wanted to be with Conner Like Mad. So, that night, I went home and wrote the lyrics you hear today. We later worked it out that night and have been together since! To me the song was about doing whatever it takes to be with him.

FSMM: Wow, I had no idea! Amazing to hear that was written before the band was even in existence. I’m sure everyone can appreciate and even relate to this song on some level at one time or another. How was the recording process?

Chloe: The recording process was pretty smooth. It helped having already recorded an album a year ago. That album was a huge learning process for us. I would say this time we were much more prepared in terms of our vision for the song. We were also fortunate to have an excellent producer, Jordan Disorbo, from Glass Arrow Audio in Toledo, OH. He worked with us to really understand the vibe we were going for, and we couldn’t be happier with how the song turned out.

FSMM: So what’s next for Chloe and the Steel Strings?

Chloe: I think the sky’s the limit. We continue to grow as a band and as individuals. We’ve learned so much about what it takes and it’s not easy, but we’re taking time to enjoy the process. After all, you can’t expect anything worthwhile to happen overnight. We have several upcoming shows this fall including a performance at Swig on October 5th, Ye Olde Durty Bird on October 12th and the Apple Butter Festival in Grand Rapids, OH on October 14th. This has been our first full year as a band, and our biggest year yet – we’re excited for 2019 to see all that we can accomplish!

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Blog by Mark Moss of Freespirit Music Management
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